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Grim Reaper jogger sweatpants reworks

Grim Reaper reworked sweat pants.


Here we have a unique pair of gender neutral Grim Reaper sweat pants. These are part of my new sustainable clothing brand!


Made from upcycled t shirts and hoodies, using burgundy, light blue, white and black


These have 2 side pockets.


Approx Measurements taken on a flat surface so double the size where appropriate for full fit

eg Waist 18" would be 36" full waist


  • Waist no stretch 19" 
  • Waist stretched 24" 
  • Hips 23.5" 
  • Top thigh 14.5"
  • Calf 9.5" 

Rise 15"

Length 45.5

Inside leg 36"


Suitable to fit size S- XL depending on how baggy you like your fit.  With a drawstring and toggles these are very versatile


These would make a perfect addition to any Goths  wardrobe.  A gift for a loved one, friend etc.


Any questions please pop me a message.  If you would like a pair of custom joggers please pop me a message and we can discuss creating a unique pair for you.

Grim Reaper jogger sweatpants reworks

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