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Rework Oversized Baby Bodysuit Romer size 18-24 months

This is one of my new handmade reworked creations and part of my new sustainable clothing brand.

It's a one of a kind baby romper

A brand new but marked Welsh t shirt has been has been upcycled and reworked to give you a unique Welsh babysuit romper! The t-shirt was machine washed before use, the marked area was disgarded and not used on this creation.

This oversized t shirt baby romper fits an 18-24month child and has  3 kam snap fasteners on the crotch area for ease of nappy change..

The fashion industry these days is renowned for fast fashion and mass production, resulting and a high environmental impact.
As we grow ever more environmentally conscious, upcycling second hand / thrift clothing has became very trendy.
Rather than sending tons of unused clothes to the landfill, I recreate one off items by upcycling them into new shirts and tops.
By turning used clothing into new garments its more environmentally friendly. These new creations reduce the carbon footprints.

Let your wardrobe be filled with a trendy, stylish, sustainable fashion for all the family.

Any questions please dont hesitate to pop me a message.
Thank you.

Rework Oversized Baby Bodysuit Romer size 18-24 months

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