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Made to order custom keepsake memory blankets and quilts

These are made to order memory quilt blankets made from your very own loved ones clothing.

They can be made of a mixture of baby clothing, t-shirts, trousers, baby blankets etc.

Dependant on the amount of items available I make to fairly standard sizes.

Prices range dependant on size etc.


Standard sizes

Square 70cm x 70cm £45 minimum of 25 items required

Cotbed blanket 85cm x 100cm £70 minimum of 40 items required

Single Bed blanket 110cm x 165cm £100 minimum of 80 items required

Double 200cm x 200cm £220 minimum of 120 items required

King Size 240cm x 240cm £395 minimum of 150 items


If you want a particular size then that is how to work out the items. Obviously the larger the size the more items are required. It really depends on the size of the clothing used etc too. So choose a size and just send me the items you have. Its really difficult to say before hand how many exact items are requried.


If you want me to make as large a blanket as I can from the clothing items you have that's no problem I will use every piece possible out of the garments to create a beautiful bespoke blanket.


PROCESS is easy.

Choose your size option from the menu and pay. Once payment is received I will email my address for sending your clothing. You pay for the items to be sent (best choose courier eg My Hermes or Royal Mail tracking etc). On receipt I will message you, to give an approximate time for processing and completion. If there are any special requirements for certain items to be centred etc then please add a note to the parcel / particular item etc.


If you would prefer to pay 50% deposit then please message me and I can set up an invoice for you. Please note this will be non-refundable. The balance will then be due on completion and you will be invoiced again.


I am available to discuss options just contact me through facebook messenger or message through my inbox here.


If you live local to Birchgrove in Swansea, then we can collect clothing items or you can deliver to me to save on the initial postage etc.


The cost of the item includes free postage back to you. This will be sent on completion either by courier or Royal Mail tracked.

Memory quilts (made to order from your own clothing)

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