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Jack and Sally Nightmare before Christmas Reworked joggers

Reworked Jack and Sally Nightmare before Christmas themed sweatpants.


These are part of my new sustainable clothing brand!


These have been made from second hand fabrics doomed for landfill which I have recycled creating  these awesome sweater pants. - Eco friendly fashion!


Why not purchase these for a special gift for somone special!


These have been made from an upcycled T shirt, Sweatshirt and hoodie.

Approx Measurements taken on a flat surface so double the size where appropriate for full fit

eg Waist 18" would be 36" full waist
Waist no stretch 18" 
Waist stretched 27" 
Hips 28" 
Length 44"
Inside leg 32.5"


They have an elasticated and drawstring waist thefore can fit recommended size Medium - XXLarge depending on how baggy you like your fit.


They have side pockets.

I have tried my best to check the fabrics used however, Please be aware that these have been made from preloved items therefore there may be very small flaws/marks etc that may have been missed by human error.


I do take custom orders, if you would like a particular them, or would like me to recreate a pair using your very own t shirts, hoodies, sweaters etc.


What you are actually paying for:-
My time to source each individual item used, the cost of each garment, washing each item, drying each item, cutting and carefully designing the placement of the patchwork pieces, sewing each piece together, steam ironing each seam, time for photographing each garment and time listing to sell, plus my time spent recreating these gorgeous unique items. PLUS THE FINISHED GARMENT ITSELF!
If you have any questions please pop me a message and I will reply as soon as possible.








Jack and Sally Nightmare before Christmas Reworked joggers

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