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Calavera Day of the Dead colourful cotton lycra shorts

Just look at these super colourful Calavera shorts

Made from a super soft cotton jersey.

The waistband and cuff legs are a matching plain turquoise soft knit jersey. (these also come with a cerise colour waistband and leg cuff)

They come in a variety of sizes all made to order.

They are a slim but comfortable design. If your hip and waist measurements are one size apart then you can choose either depending on the fit you prefer. Use the larger size if you prefer a looser fit or the smaller for a closer fit. If you need the larger size for the hips but want the smaller waistband please message me and let me know.

Due to the choice of the cotton lycra fabric used these are really comfy and cosy feel.

Going on holidays and need that possible extra room in the evening the lovely stretchy waistband expands with you and relaxes again, so if you suffer with that bloating feeling they will still be comfy.

The cuff legs can be left long or you can turn them up depending on choice.

Just choose your particular size from the drop down menu

Size           Waist                       Hips
XXS       61cm - 66cm       84cm - 89cm
                   24”-26”                   33”-35”

XS           6cm - 71cm        89cm - 94cm
                   26”-28”                   35”-37”
S              71cm - 76cm      94cm - 99cm
                   28”-30”                  37”-39”
M             76cm - 81cm      99cm - 104cm
                   30”-32”                   39”-41”
L               81cm - 86cm     104cm - 110cm
                   32”-34”                   41”-43”
XL            86cm - 91cm     110cm - 117cm
                  34”-36”                   43"-46"
3XL         99cm - 110cm   125cm - 132cm
                  39”-43”                   49”-52”
4XL        110cm - 119cm   132cm - 140cm
                  43”-47”                   52”-55”
5XL        119cm - 127cm   140cm - 145cm
                  47”-50”                   55”-57”

Any questions please dont hesitate to contact me.

Machine washable on a cool 30degree wash cycle

Calavera Day of the Dead colourful cotton lycra shorts

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